‘Young Front’ activist Rastsislau Pankratau expelled from Mahiliou State University

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As we have already informed, the administration of Mahiliou State University planned to expel the student after giving him an unsatisfactory mark at his English exam. The information proved to be true: Rastsislau Pankratau was expelled.

‘I have learned English since the first grade at school and travelled to England for six years. I had a private tutor of English for five years, that’s why I never had any problems with English before this exam,’ comments the activist.

Before the expulsion Rastsislau was often visited by KGB officers who threatened him with expulsion. Now he is going to continue his studies on correspondence. The Activist says he has no wish to study abroad, though he has such opportunity.

Bear in mind that last week an activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party Tatsiana Shambalava was expelled from the same university.