Candidate Liaukovich is asked not to defame and not to slander

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The editorial board of the regional state newspaper Vecherniy Brest addressed the candidate for deputy at Brest Eastern electoral constituency #1 Anatol Liaukovich with the request to change a part of his electoral program or ‘put it in line with Article 47 of the Electoral Code’.

The request concerns the following paragraph from the candidate’s program: ‘What do the authorities do? They deprive five millions of children, students, veterans and disabled of social guarantees. I ask my rival A.Vialichka: whose will he implemented while voting for the repeal of social benefits to Belarusian citizens? Did he ask his electors? And today he dares to run for another term! I don’t know what to say!...’

The editorial office is of the opinion that these words of A.Liaukovich do not correspond to the requirements of the electoral legislation, according to which ‘agitation electoral materials, (…) public appearances as assemblies, meetings, in press, on TV and on the radio must not contain insults and defamation of duty officials of the Republic of Belarus, candidates for deputies or candidates for president of the Republic of Belarus.’

Vecherniy Brest warned Liaukovich that in the case he did not correct his program, the decision about its publication would be taken after consultations with the constituency electoral commission and the Central electoral commission.

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