Hrodna: electoral meeting at school #34 organized for pro-governmental MP candidate only

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On 8 September Siarhei Kuzmianok, an independent candidate at Hrodna Zaniomanskaya electoral constituency #49, learned that an electoral meeting was organized for a pro-governmental candidate Alexander Antonenka at secondary school #34. When he came there, he found that the meeting was organized only for Antonenka, though there are four candidates at this electoral constituency. The present officials did not let Kuzmianok speak to about 400 electors who came to the meeting.

Having finished his speech Alexander Antonenka (the head of Hrodna city executive committee) left the hall. Then Mr. Kuzmianok asked the present people whether they came to the meeting to listen only to one candidate, or would also listen to his speech. The people said they’d listen to him. Then Kuzmianok delivered his speech as well.

Bear in mind that before the electoral meeting at school #34 Siarhei Kuzmianok had been summonsed to constituency electoral commission #49 and warned for the words ‘This man challenged the city major’ that were printed on his electoral leaflet. The electoral commission considered it as unauthorized electoral agitation.