Drahichyn: pressurization of oppositional candidate’s proxy

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Yury Litvinau was a proxy of a candidate from the Belarusian Union of military officers at Dnepra-Buhskaya electoral constituency #10 Mikalai Tkachuk, but had to refuse from working in the candidate’s team because of pressurization at work. He wrote the statement about cessation of his participation in the initiative group of Mikalai Tkachuk on his request – the candidate felt pity for the family of his army friend.

45-year-old Litvinau works as the deputy director on ideology of the communal economy in Drahichyn. When the director of the communal economy found that Litvinau became the proxy of the rival of the pro-regime candidate Zdanovich, he could not believe it at first. Later, during Zdanovich’s meeting with the working collective of the housing economy, Litvinau was told that he would have to choose between continuing his work there or in Litvinau’s team. Tkachuk complained to the head of Drahichyn district executive committee Mr. Khvatsikau concerning the pressurization, but was accused of having come drunk to work.

To be on the safe side, Litvinau came to a hospital for an expertise, to have a paper confirming his being sober at the time. His pressure went up at the hospital, and he had to be given medical aid there.