Electoral commission demands explanations from independent candidate Siarhei Kuzmianok

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The independent candidate for parliament at Hrodna-Zaniomanskaya electoral constituency #49 Siarhei Kuzmianok will have to give explanations to the constituency electoral commission concerning the activities that concern his agitation campaign.

The chairman of the commission Uladzimir Khliabich phoned to Mr. Kuzmianok and asked to be given explanations concerning the posters with a photo of the candidate that appeared in Hrodna. By these posters the citizens were informed at which TV channel and when they could watch the electoral speech of Siarhei Kuzmianok. The representatives of the electoral commission consider these posters illegal, whereas the candidate sees no violations in his actions and states that he just used his constitutional right to disseminate information. What concerns explanations, Kuzmianok agreed to give them only after an official inquiry by the commission’s chairman.

One of the possible reasons why the commission may be so interested in the posters is the inscription ‘He challenged the city major’. The matter is that Kuzmianok is one of the three oppositional candidates who run at the same electoral constituency with Alexander Antonenka, the head of Hrodna city executive committee.