Candidate gets sound cut off for calls not to vote early

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 5 September the addresses of candidates for deputies in Vitsebsk Chyhunachny constituency # were televised by Vitsebsk regional TV on Lad channel.

The address of the regime’s henchman Siarhei Siamashka went without problems. The second to appear was an oppositional candidate Andrei Levinau. But during his speech the sound disappeared ‘suddenly’. It is hard to believe that it was an accident. Moreover, the address of the next candidate in this constituency, Ihar Kanyhin, was broadcast without any problems, the campaign Human Rights activists for free elections infroms.

What words of the former police captain Levinau were prevented from being broadcasted? The answer is simple: the sound disappeared nit e moment when the candidate addressed voters with a request not to take part in early vote. The candidate said: ‘I urge you not to take part in the early vote. The procedure of early vote does not guarantee the principle of transparency: for the entire 5 days the ballot box is not under control of the district elections commission, observers and mass media since 5 pm each day’.