Short-time strikes of entrepreneurs in Rechytsa and Barysau

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 4 September in the morning the entrepreneurs of Slaviantski and Tsentralny markets of Rechytsa held a short strike. The reasons for the action were explained by an activist of the entrepreneurs’ movement Aleh Shabetnik.

‘The tax inspection started confiscating goods from vendors at Slavianski and Tsentralny markets. They did it the day before yesterday and yesterday. The people stopped working. Two markets stopped working. Representatives of tax inspection and Rechytsa district executive committee were invited there.

One of the entrepreneurs says that from many of them tax officers confiscated goods even for insignificant inaccuracies in documents and certificates. ‘We closed down to protest against the self-will of the tax inspection. They confiscated from me the goods that cost 3,7 million rubles (about $1 700). I will also be fined from 1 050 000 to 1 750 000 rubles (about $490 - $820). My case has been already passed to the Economical court,’ she added.

The deputy head of Rechytsa DEC Viachaslau Pamaleika, representatives of the tax inspections and the police came to the markets for negotiations. Pamaleika promised to discriminate in the situation and invited those from who the goods had been confiscated to come to the executive committee at 5 p.m. Then he called on the entrepreneurs return to their work.

Another short strike of entrepreneurs took place on 3 September in Barysau as a result of a conflict between a representative of the tax inspection and the owner of a market stall. The entrepreneurs stopped working for 1,5 hours. Thanks to the assistance of a candidate at Barysau town electoral constituency #62, entrepreneur Viktar Harbachou the conflict was resolved and a compromise between the sides was found.