Svetlahorsk: ‘Ranak’ have chosen its deputy already

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The TV channel Ranak and the newspaper Ranak-plius in have again turned their attention to the candidate for deputy of the Chamber of Representatives Valiantsina Kavaliova. At the same time, the official mass media don’t even mention about another candidate running at Svetlahorsk electoral constituency, Siarhei Daineka.

At present a deputy of the Chamber of Representatives and formed deputy head of Svetlahorsk district executive committee V.Kavaliova is busy with agitation for this election. This time she appeared on TV and in the newspaper in connection with opening of school #12 which has been built for almost 15 years. Kavaliova told everyone how many people worked for building the school and how much they did. ‘I want to say: the order of my electors for building of school #12 has been implemented,’ she said.

The TV Channel Ranak publicized this event, as well as the newspaper Ranak-plius. The latter published an article with a photo of Kavaliova. At the end of August, on the day of registration of candidates, Ranak also showed Kavaliova. While signatures for her nomination as a candidate were collected, she was praised by the republican TV channel Lad. But no information is spread about Kavaliova’s rival, candidate Siarhei Daineka.