Kletsk: state officials receive police powers

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Kletsk district executive committee adopted ruling #886 On empowering the duty officials of Klets district executive committee the to compose reports of administrative violations.

The local dwellers were warned about it by means of a publication in the local state newspaper Da Novykh Peramoh, where it is written that from now on a special sheet with an officials name and the numbers of articles on which he was empowered to impose fines would be inserted into his/her certificate. The workers of the district executive committee will also receive blanks for such reports.

By this ruling Kletsk district executive committee also obliges all village executive committees situated on the territory of Kletsk district to adopt similar rulings and empower their workers to fine their fellow villagers: for throwing litter in the streets, using foul language and insulting the officials during visits to their offices. The total number of ‘fine’ articles is more than 45.