Mahiliou: police draw violation report on wheel-chair disabled

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On 2 September in Mahiliou the wheel-chair disabled Uladzimir Vusikau picketed the city executive committee. He demanded that he was restored in the line for getting an apartment as a disabled and compensated the cost of the sanatorium voucher.

For this action the police drew on him a violation. Soon Vusikau will be tried. The workers of the city department of social protection explained to the picketer that he was the first in the line for social premises, but they did not manage to inform him about it before the action.

Uladzimir Vusikau staged a picket near the building of the city executive committee at 10 a.m. He attached two posters to his wheel-chair: ‘Shame to cunning social guarantees!’ and ‘Who stole my social benefits?’. In front of him he put the third poster: ‘I declare a hunger-strike’ and in his hands he held the fourth one, with his the demands to give him an apartment and compensate the cost of the sanatorium voucher. ‘I have been on the line for an apartment for four years. I have an implanted bicuspid valve in my heart and my both legs are amputated,’ he said in his interview to RFE/RL.

Fifteen minutes after the picket’s beginning the head of the ideological department of Mahiliou city executive committee Ala Halushka came out to Vusikau and proposed that he stopped the action and they continued their conversation in the building of the executive committee. He obeyed to her, but the talk continued right in the place he was. The police came almost immediately and composed a violation report on the disabled man.