September: more students to be expelled?

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An activist of Polatsk branch of the Young Front Mikola Dzemidzenka was informed that he would be expelled from historical faculty of Polatsk State University.

According to his information, the university administration intends to expel him for non-passing an exam. ‘I passed the exam in the beginning of summer, during the last session’, says Dzemidzenka. ‘But I have always had higher marks on this subject, that’s why 6 or 7 grades out 10 possible was not enough for me. On my request the teacher agreed to let me retake the exam in August.’

However, he had to retake the exam to another teacher. Mikola’s written answer was examined by the deputy dean. It is quite strange that Mikola, being one of the best students at the faculty, became the only out of 40 students who got an unsatisfactory mark. ‘I was not allowed to have a look at my work,’ points the student.

Bear in mind that Mikola Dzemidzenka actively participated in organizing of flash-mobs and other actions and has already been threatened with expulsion for it. This winter another Young Front activist, Katsiaryna Salauyova, was expelled from Polatsk State University as well.