Belarusian Popular Front Party withdraws candidates from parliamentary elections

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On August 30 the Sojm (Council) of the Belarusian Popular Front party decided to withdraw party candidates for deputies before 23 September.

Before the candidates were withdrawn, it was recommended to use possibilities of the agitation campaign for explaining voters why the party denies taking part in the elections.

The decision was adopted by the BPF Sojm basing on the resolution of the party congress held on 9 August. It was decided then that the party would stop taking part in dishonest and unjust ‘elections campaign’, if new facts of discrimination and pressure on the BPF party members would become known, and if all the nominated representatives of the party won’t be included in district commissions.

Candidates for deputies of the BPF party have always been recommended not to use money from the state budget allocated for agitation in order to avoid financial pressure by the regime.

The BPF Sojm has also stated that it is necessary to admit that these parliamentary elections on 28 September do not complying with the minimal international standards and the national laws. The BPF Sojm calls upon international institutions and governments to give a relevant estimation of the electoral farce which is taking place in Belarus.

Members of the Belarusian Popular Front party Sojm, candidates for deputies and leaders of the largest branches of the party in the regions from 24 towns of Belarus, have taken part at today’s session. 29 participants of the session have voted for the decision to withdraw from the elections, 19 voted against, while 4 abstained from vote. All who voted against confirmed that they would follow the party’s Sojm’s decision.

‘The Difference in votes is connected with the fact that some persons have absorbed themselves in into this ‘election campaign’ and taken it personally, viewing this campaign as a campaign for their own promotion. And those who voted for withdrawing form the elections understood that consolidated and clear position of the party is needed. And this party position has received majority of votes. We state that we are withdrawing from the campaign. Politically we have withdrawn today already. We must achieve non-recognition of this ‘house of representatives’ and make the regime dare to real steps for changing the electoral law. Then real elections could take place in the country, And not the farce which is taking place now,’ a deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party Viktar Ivashkevich said to the Charter’97 press-centre.