Barysau: Insult or Provocation attempt?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

BPF member Siarhei Salash has submitted documents for registration as a candidate to the Chamber of Representatives in Barysau rural district # 63. He was nominated by citizens through signature collection. Yesterday evening, on August 25th he found a police summons in his mailbox. Deputy head of infringement prevention department of Barysau rayon police Aleh Volkau invited Salash to come on August 18th at 10 a.m. and give explanations about an administrative infringement.  

Because the summons was received only yesterday, Salash managed to call Aleh Volkau only today. The police officer explained the ground for summons was the claim of Tatsiana Stasava, secretary of the district election commission of Barysau city district # 62. She claims, Salash has insulted her by calling her a “falsifier” in the presence of 4 witnesses. Salash and Volkau agreed to meet tomorrow, on August 27th, in the department of internal affairs of Barysaurayon executive committee.

Siarhei Salash thinks the accusation is absurd. He believes his appearance in the police station in the morning of August 18th could prevent him from submitting his documents for candidate registration.

Tatsiana Stasava, librarian of secondary school # 11 of Barysau was member and secretary of district election commissions many times.

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