Slutsk: Executive committee’s ideologists “train” chairs and secretaries of precinct election commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On August 15th two conferences took place in the building of Slutsk rayon executive committee. The first conference gathered chairmen and secretaries of rural precinct election commissions, and the second one gathered chairmen and secretaries of urban precinct committees. 
The conferences were organized directly by Slutsk executive committee officials: deputy head of the committee for social issues and ideological work Piotr B. Dauhuchyts and head of ideological department of the committee Larysa H. Dabravolskaya. 
Observer in Slutsk district # 74 Vital Amialkovich tried to get to those meetings but was denied entry. The reason for denial was standard: as an observer in district # 74, Amialkovich has the right to attend meetings only of that district election commission, but not the meetings organized by the bodies of executive power. The observer addressed head of the district election commission A. A. Andrushkevich, but he also referred to the fact that the conferences were organized by representatives of Slutsk executive committee, and they were to decide who could attend them. 
According to a representative of Slutsk executive committee, by organizing the conferences, the authorities do not interfere in the election process, but just hold “trainings” for chairmen and secretaries of precinct commissions.
Later observer Amialkovich found out, the conferences were also attended by pro-governmental candidate Inesa A. Kliashchuk. What kind of training she was trying to get? 
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