Human rights activist R.Kisliak complains to general procuracy about violation of his right to receive information

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The human rights activist from Brest Raman Kisliak has complained to the general procuracy of Belarus about violation of his right to receive information about the picket against war with Georgia which had taken place near the Russian Embassy in Minsk on 13 August.

The reason for the complaint is that according to the information of the internet newspaper Belorusskiey Novosti during the action near the Russian Embassy in Minsk the police actively hindered the work of journalists: they covered the objectives of video cameras with their hands and demanded that photo correspondents stopped shooting photos and destroyed the ones they managed to make.

‘As a result of activities of unknown persons, presumably police officers, I was deprived of complete information about this picket, which violates my right to receive information, guaranteed by paragraph 2 of Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,’ wrote the human rights activist.

In his complaint he demands to ‘investigate the activities aimed at prevention of the legal actions of journalists on 11 August 2008 near the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Minsk’. Besides, the human rights activist considers it as necessary to rehabilitate his right to receive information by presenting to him the information which the guilty concealed from journalists during this picket, and to take the necessary measures for prevention of such violations in future.