Candidate Dzmitry Niafiodau withdraws from ‘elections’

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

An independent candidate for deputy Dzmitry Nyafyodau has stated his intention not to take part in the parliamentary elections because of growing pressure on members of his initiative group. He wanted to take part in the elections in Autazavodski district of Minsk, constituency #92.

‘I stopped collecting signatures, as pressure was exerted on my initiative group. People were threatened to be dismissed from work. Considering crackdown on other democratic activists and members of their initiative groups, I see no use in participation in this campaign. These are not elections. When members of my initiative group were collecting signatures, people told that they were forced to give signatures for pro-regime candidates at their factories and even to become their initiative groups’ members. The CEC shuts its eyes to such violations. I withdraw from the ‘elections’ and stand for boycott. Personal ambitions are nothing when compared to solidarity. Elections must be boycotted,’ Dzmitry Nyafyodau said to the Chater’97 press-centre.