Barysau electoral district #62: candidates of United Civil Party not included in local electoral commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 13 August Pavel Zhuha, the head of the personnel department of Barysau district executive committee, informed a member of the United Civil Party Viktar Harbachou (who intends to run at Barysau town electoral district #62 that none of 45 candidates from the United Civil Party had been included in the local electoral commissions in this electoral district.

The sitting of Barysau district executive committee on forming of the local electoral commission took place on 12 August in the morning, but at first the officials refused to give any information about its date. Zhuha stated that allegedly a great number of persons expressed the wish to work at local electoral commissions and it was the only reason why not a single member of the UCP was included.

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