Krychau: police trying to find out whether Niarouny drinks vodka

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Recently Siarzhuk Niarouny, the chief editor of a non-state newspaper Volny Horad, filed a complaint against the actions of the officers of Krychau district police department.

According to Niarouny, the police are trying to hinder to collecting of signatures for his candidature. ‘A police officer came and started to ask different questions to my neighbors: whether Niarouny drinks vodka or quarrels with his wife. Police also asked similar questions to the members of my initiative group Herdzi and Kudrautsau.

Before this Siarzhuk Niarouny had been summonsed to the police station in connection with the blast that took place on 4 July in Minsk.

The procuracy has forwarded the complaints to Krychau district police department. No answers have been received yet. Meanwhile, the financial investigations department of the State Control Committee demanded form the editor of the independent weekly assets and income declaration, though earlier the tax inspection officers had told him that he did not need to feel any declaration.