Baranavichy: 'Nash Krai' writes about pro-governmental candidates only

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Issue #94 for 12 August 2008 of the Nash Krai newspaper (founded by Baranavichy city and district Soviets of deputies and the Baranavichy city and district executive committees) contains an article about a present deputy of the Chamber of Representatives, director general of the state enterprise Brestautadar Uladzimir Maisiuk, who is running at electoral district #7.

The article informs the readers about the activities of Maisiuk as a deputy, his working achievements, etc. Mr Maisiuk answers the questions of journalist Uladzimir Alherchyk.

Of course, now Uladzimir Maisiuk has better chances to be elected than his rivals, entrepreneur Zmitser Shymaites and locksmith of the worsted combine Ryhor Hryk, about whom the electors know very little as the state newspapers write nothing about them.

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