Barysau: district electoral commission considers article about independent candidate as agitation

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The issue of the non-state newspaper Borisovskiye Novosti for 5 August published an interview with its chief editor, Anatol Bukas. The secretary of Babruisk district electoral commission #63 Tatsiana Stasava phoned to the newspaper and demanded explanations in connection with this publication. Stasava also said she would direct a complaint to the central electoral commission’s supervisory board on implementation of the electoral laws by mass media because I her opinion this interview was a means of early agitation for a potential candidate.

However, there weren’t any calls to vote for Anatol Bukas in this interview. At the same time, the Yedinstvo newspaper, founded by Barysau district executive committee published several articles with direct calls to vote for the present MP Viktar Huminski.

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