Minsk: electoral meetings to be held in desolate places

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Candidates for deputies have been given places for campaigning and meetings with voters. They are to meet with voters mostly in housing and maintenance departments, and campaign in parks and in green zones.

And like ‘Lt. Schmidt’s children’ [characters from a cult novel The Little Golden Calf, written by Russian authors I.Ilf and E.Petrov; a term for small-time con artists], some candidates have favorable places and unfavorable places. For instance, those who are elected in Zavadski district of Minsk are lucky. They can meet with voters in two cinemas, a library and a club Sasionka… It would be pleasant to carry out the campaign in Savetski district, near the shop Sausages- Cheese. And in Frunzenski district it is possible to meet with voters only in housing and maintenance departments. In Sukharava suburb a meadow near the car centre has been allocated. This ‘green zone’ is a waste ground. A forest is situated behind it. A road is situated in front of it. Journalists met no one in 20 minutes there. People usually have a walk with their gods on this ground.

As Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belarusi was told by the Central Elections Committee on ideology, the places for meeting with voters were chosen in cooperation with administrations of districts. And reasons for that choice haven’t been told.