73 653 persons nominated to local electoral commissions

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The central electoral commission (CEC) has summed up the results of nomination of to local electoral commissions. Most of the candidates were nominated to them on their own. About one third was nominated by working collectives, while political parties nominated only 1,72%.

Among the political parties the greatest number of candidates, 447 persons, was nominated by the Party of Communists Belarusian. Their rivals, the pro-governmental Communist Party of Belarus, nominated 195 persons, the United Civil Party nominated 344 persons, the Belarusian Popular Front Party – 204 persons, the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) – 80 persons and the pro-governmental Agrarian Party and the party of Work and Justice nominated one person each.

As said by the CEC secretary Mikalai Lazavik, a part of members of parties are trying to get to the commissions by collecting people’s signatures in their support. In particular, that’s how many of them did in the regions where there are no officially registered organizations of their parties.

Mr. Lazavik says that it is hard to predict the number of person per place in a commission. The right to choose among the candidates belongs to the local executive organs of power, who must cope with this task by 13 August.