‘Young Front’ to sue Minsk administration

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Minsk city executive committee did not permit the Young Front to hold its constituent assembly in Kalinouski Square and did not propose any other place for its holding. The formal reason for the refusal is that a tube station is less than 200 meters away from the square, which is a violation of the legal norms. However, Minsk authorities did not provide any alternative and thus violated the law.

Now representatives of the Young Front are going to sue Minsk city executive committee, because this state agency violates the law and fails to implement its duties which include help to citizens in search of premises for holding mass events. Bear in mind that earlier the Young Front had filed about 30 applications to different state institutions for providing a premise for the assembly, and received 30 refusals.

Besides, the application to Minsk authorities was filed about two months ago and the legal term for answering is one month. Thus, Minsk CEC was about one month late with its answer.