Slutsk: members of Anatol Yurevich’s initiative group are pressurized and face obstacles

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the information of Vital Amialkovich, an observer at Slutsk electoral district #74, the members of the initiative group of the member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Hramada Anatol Yurevich were not in the hostel of Slutsk meat combine and Slutsh college of reclamation industry where they intended to collect signatures for Yurevich’s nomination as a candidate to the Chamber of Representatives. The formal reason for the refusals was that the internal regulations allegedly prohibited the presence of unauthorized persons there.

According to the information of the same observers, the pressurization of the members of Yurevich’s initiative group continues. In particular, a member of the group, resident of the village of Siarahi in Slutsk district Leakadziya Basalyha refused to collect signatures for Yurevich and present the collected signatures for check-up. She motivates it by a threat from her bosses that she would have troubles at work in case she continued her activities in the initiative group.

Another member of the initiative group, Viktar Klemiantovich, who works as a teacher in the village of Zamostse in Slutsk district, was warned that the working to him would not be extended if he continued working in the initiative group. The warning was made by Piatro Dauhuchyts, deputy head of Slutsk district executive committee on ideological work.

Vital Amialkovich also found that the workers of some state enterprises and institutions were advised against signing in support of Yurevich. In particular, such recommendations were given to workers of Slutsk poultry factory, Slutsk district police department, Slutsk district enlistment office and Minsk oblast Unitarian enterprise Slutski hortopsbyt.

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