UCP members are interrogated in ‘Minsk blast’ case

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Zmitser Slutski, head of Hrodna city organization of the United Civil Party, and leader of Hrodna organization of Young Democrats Alexandra Vasilevich, were called to the KGB directorate for Hrodna region.

The both politicians are members of the initiative group for nomination UCP deputy head Yaraslau Ramanchuk a candidate.

Alexandra Vasilevich was detained by the KGB when he was gathering signatures in a house on 31 July, www.ucpb.org reports. KGB officer Alexander Baradaukin called her on her cell phone at half past six in the evening and said he had some questions to her. Alexandra Vasilevich left the house, where a KGB car was already waiting for her, and was guarded to the KGB office. She had her fingerprints taken and had to write an explanation in connection with the terroristic act in Minsk. A pennant ‘Best KGB officer’ hung on the wall in the cabinet of Alexander Baradaukin, who questioned the UCP activist.

‘The best officer’ made an appointment for 7 pm to see Zmitser Slutski. But the latter said he refused to visit the KGB office without a summons. ‘Both UCP activists ‘were invited’ to the KGB office in the evening when they were gathering signatures. It is clear that the blast was connected with the election campaign and its consequences are connected with the election,’ the head of Hrodna oblast UCP organization Yury Istomin thinks.

The following day, 1 August, three police officers came to, Arthur Maiseyevich, head of Navahradak district UCP organization, member of Yury Istomin’s initiative group. They asked him about the terroristic act and took his fingerprints. Being asked why they needed his fingerprints, the officers answered: ‘You are a UCP member’. They asked Arthur if he knew people interested in blasting work, when he had been in Minsk for the last time and where he had been when the bomb had exploded.