Homel: Signatures for incumbent candidate collected with violations of the law

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The team of Larysa Kuzniatsova collects signatures in support of her nomination in Homel-savetskaya district # 34 with serious violations of the election law. Members of Kuzniatsova’s initiative group use the administrative resource and misinform the voters. The facts were revealed by observer Andrei Tolchyn:

Staff member of a children’s institution located in the district told me, a signature collector came to the daycare she works at. The staff was proposed to sign for Kuzniatsova. It is worth mentioning, that the signature collector works in Savetski district administration of Homel. The signature collector proposed to sign in support of Kuzniatsova. When the staff member refused, the daycare director highly recommended to put the signature otherwise she would have “difficulties” at work. The staff member of the daycare wanted to remain anonymous.

The observer also registered the case when Kuzniatsova’s signature collector misinformed a voter.

-          I was told I could not sign for other candidates as I had already used my right to nominate a candidate, a voter who lives in Savetski district said. He added that Kuzniatsova was introduced to him as a teacher, and not as an official and incumbent MP. This is partially true. In 1982 she graduated as a teacher of history and used to work as a teacher and school principal. Later she worked deputy head of Savetski administration of Homel, and head of education department of Homel city executive committee.

Before Kuzniatsova was registered as candidate, the local press published an article which looked like her campaign material. For example, Homelskiya Vedamastsi newspaper (# 83 of July 26th) founded by Homel city executive committee and Homel city Council, published an article “Between Homel and Minsk”. That was an interview with Larysa Kuzniatsova which occupies the whole A3 page. Big part of the interview is dedicated to her biography, professional achievements, her work in the state parliament, and her plans for the future.

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