Signatures for official nominees collected at workplaces

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In Rechytsa and Khoiniki election districts signatures are collected both for pro-democratic and for the “official” candidates. Signatures for the former are collected through a door-to-door campaign, and for the latter – by the administration at workplaces.


“An initiative group for nomination of Valery Putsitski to the Parliament was created in Rechytsa district. Now he is unemployed: he used to work in a railway company but his contract was not continued a couple of months ago. V. Putsitski is the chairman of Homel regional organization of BPF Party. He lives in Rechytsa. His initiative group consists of 30 persons. “Official’ candidates collect signatures from their employees at work”, -- Alena Ahafonava, member of BPF Party from Rechytsa says.


Khoiniki district borders with Rechytsa. An initiative group of 32 citizens collect signatures for Leanid Sudalenka there. He works as a legal expert of Homel region trade union of radio-electronic industry. He is a member of the United Civic party and lives in Homel. Leaned Sudalenka says:

“One voter out of three say that they have already signed in support of another candidate at work, and were told they should not sign for anyone else. There are two other candidates in our district. One of them is Georgi Dashkevich, adviser of the chairman of Homel region executive committee. He used to be deputy chairman of the executive committee before retirement. The second candidate is Aleh Kazlou, worker of the local post office. Often we hear that one signature collector gathered signatures for both official candidates simultaneously. ”


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