Smarhon: Attempts to discredit candidate Iryna Veshtard continue

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On July 30th false flyers on behalf of Iryna Veshtard’s manager and human rights defender Alexander Dzerhachou appeared in Smarhon. The flyer says: “My colleague in human rights activities Iryna Veshtard needs financial assistance. Iryna Veshtard does not work for 12 years because of lack of good jobs. Her activity in the opposition party lead by Kazulin does not bring her good income. But Iryna needs to organize a campaign to be elected Member of Parliament and defend your rights. I appeal to all citizens who are concerned about the future of our country, asking to donate 10 thousand BYR in support of Iryna Veshtard. Call me on telephone number: (………)”


The flyer was the response to the appeal written by Dzerhachou asking for moral support of Iryna Veshtard who experienced heave pressure since the registration of her initiative group. In his letter the human rights defender wrote: “in fact, the pressure is of criminal nature… who is to profit from sadistic methods of struggling with Iryna Veshtard who stands for the interests of people without any compromises? I believe the actions of the offenders are politically motivated. The police are helpless, although they are informed about every fact. I ask citizens who know something about the offenders to inform me (phone number) or the police on 102. Human rights defender A. Dzerhachou”.

Iryna Veshtard experiences a series of provocations and attacks since the time she has registered her initiative group. Strangers damaged her doors – stained them with black paint and broke the lock, broke her window with a stone while she was sleeping in the room, and put a sex ad with her phone number on a web-site. Now someone spread false leaflets asking citizens to support candidate and human rights activist Iryna Veshtard.