Babruisk democrats did not get into election commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Several Babruisk pro-democratic activists were nominated to district election commissions in Babruisk. They collected signatures in their support. However, none of them were included in the commissions.

For example, in Babruisk-Leninskaya district # 78, representatives of BRSM, CPB, Belarusian Women’s Union, Belaya Rus, the party of Labor and Justice, and Veteran’s Association were included in the commission. The other 6 commission members were nominated by citizens, and one was nominated by a working collective.

The situation in Babruisk-Pershamaiskaya district # 79 is quite similar. The commission consists of members of BRSM, Belaya Rus, Women’s Union, and the Party of Labor and Justice. They are “mixed’ with a member from veterans’ association, 6 people nominated by the citizens, and 2 people from working bodies: “Babruisk trolleybus company” and education department of Pershamaiski administration.

In Babruisk rural district commission there are members of BRSM and Veterans’ association; one of the members will represent the women’s union and the workers of Babruisk district center for social services to the population. There are another three representatives of the working collectives – representing a special secondary school, an arts college, and a bus company. Seven people were nominated by citizens.

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