Lists of initiative groups to be submitted by July 24th

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CEC chairperson Lidia Yarmoshyna informs, lists of initiative group members and applications fro registration of these groups are to be submitted to district election commissions by July 24th inclusive.

The documents for registration of initiative groups can be submitted to the election commissions from the moment of their creation. The commissions have 5 days to consider the applications. They will not receive any documents after July 24th. “Candidates who really want to fight and to win do not wait with that till the last moment; as a rule they submit all the documents earlier”, -- Yarmoshyna stressed.

The district election commission might deny registration to an initiative group if the list is formed with the violation of the law. For example, if it contains less than 10 people. This is an obligatory requirement. An initiative group will not be registered if the list contains at least one citizen who did not give his agreement for that. This is violation of the free expression of a voter’s will, the head of the Central Election Commission pointed out. Citizens under 18 also can not be included in the lists. Besides that, all members of the initiative group must be citizens of the Republic of Belarus.