UDF remains in the election process

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The question, how the United Democratic Forces will further participate in the election, became the main issue in the agenda of the UDF Presidium on July 17th.

When only 35 representatives from the unified UDF list were included in the commissions, and in conjunction with endless detentions of pro-democratic activists, some members of the Presidium suggested the opposition forces should limit their participation in the election process.

According to UCP chairman Anatol Liabedzka, it was proposed to stop election campaigns in the districts were the UDF were left without representatives in the district election commissions. As a result of the discussion, the Presidium decided to carry out additional consultations on that issue with the potential candidates and political structures within the UDF.

Liabedzka believes the democratic forces should remain in the election process for the time being:

-- For now we have as much political will to go as far as we can in the election distance. If we declared boycott from the very beginning today we would have nothing to propose except emotions and some old speeches.

According to Liabedzka, participation in the election allows the opposition forces to receive additional proofs how undemocratic the process is. In its turn, this will become the ground for the international structures in order to make a decision about recognizing or not recognizing the election results.

As for the UDF, they will say their final word only on August 24th, at the session of the Political Council. The stages of candidates’ nomination and registration will be passed then. We will be able to exactly say, if it’s worth to continue the election campaign, the UCP leader stressed.