Many members of district election commissions worked during parliamentary election 2004.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


We compared the lists of district election commissions in Homel region with the lists of the same commissions in 2004. It turned out many commission members already have experience of working in the commission from 2004.


The lists of district commissions in Homel did not change much. In district #35 eight out of thirteen members are the same people. In districts ## 33 and 34, four out of thirteen members are the same.


Members of election commissions were nominated through different ways. Each commission has a representative of Homel regional administration, Homel regional Council, 2 nominees from political parties (# 33: CPB and the Republican party of Labor and Justice; # 34 and 35 – UCP and CPB), representatives of public associations (BRSM, Belaya Rus and Belarusian Veterans’ Association). The number of citizens representatives (signature collection) and representatives of working bodies is from 1 to 5.


The lists of members of election commissions were published in the press on July 17th. On the day when the commissions were formed, July 14th, no one picked up the phone of the ideological department of Homel regional administration.


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