Barysau: representatives of pro-democratic parties did not get seats in district commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Only today, on July 17th, the lists of Barysau districts # # 62 and 63 commission members became available through the publication in Minskaya Prauda newspaper. The district commissions were formed by the presidium of Minsk regional Council and Minsk regional election committee 3 days ago, on July 14th.


None of the four representatives of the pro-democratic opposition, nominated by BPF, BSDP, and UCP, and by signature collection, got seats in the election commissions in districts ## 62 and 63.  The following opposition candidates were nominated to the commissions: M. Statkevich (BSDP Hramada), A. Matskevich (BPF and signature collection), L. Marholin (UCP) and Dz. Babitski (signature collection).


The following NGOs and parties are represented in the Barysau commissions: “Belaya Rus” (L. Auhustsinavich and V. Kviatkouskaya), BRSM (Z. Druhakou and T. Tarasevich), the Liberal Democratic Party (Z. Palonik) and the Communist Party of Belarus (A. Pishchukhin).


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