UDF candidate Alexander Mekh receives threatening calls

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On July 8th, Kobryn activists Alexander Mekh received a threatening phone call. He tells his story: “At 12.11 someone called me on the cell phone. I received the call. Immediately I heard foul language, insults and threats. I interrupted the stranger and said: “I am not going to talk to you” and switched the phone off. I kept the number from which the call was made – it’s +375164225659.


I found the number in the local phone book. It belongs to the public office of the incumbent member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus. The next day, on July 9th, I submitted an application to Kobryn prosecutor M. I. Zaparoshchanka. I demanded to find the person who threatened me and make him accountable for that. I also met with the prosecutor and told him about my suspicions that the threats were linked to the parliamentary race as I was planning to run as a candidate. They promised to respond to my application within 10 days”


Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections