For Freedom Movement sues Ministry of Justice

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Members of the organizing committee of the Movement “For Freedom” filed a complaint to the Supreme Court. The founders of the non-governmental organization believe that the decision of the Ministry of Justice dated June 19th is illegal. The Ministry denied registration to the Movement claiming its members had violated the legislation of Belarus. By such a denial the Ministry restricts the constitutional right of the citizens to form associations.


The authors of the suit point out that the freedom of association is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus (Article 36), and by International Pact on Civic and Political Rights (Article 22), as well as by Convention of the Commonwealth of Independent States about the Rights and Basic Freedoms of a Human Being (Article 12).


The plaintiffs ask to recognize the Ministry’s decision illegal and violating the rights of citizens, and to oblige the Ministry of Justice to officially register the Movement for Freedom.


Let us remind the readers, on May 14th, 2008 all documents necessary for state registration of the Movement, were again submitted to the Ministry of Justice for consideration. On June 19th the founders received a letter from the Ministry which said that by the decision made on June 13th, 2008, the Movement for Freedom was denied state registration.