Dzianis Turchaniak is interrogated concerning the blast

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Dzianis Turchaniak, an opposition activists from Brest, has been interrogated within the frames of investigation of the blast which had taken place in Minsk on 4 July.

According to the human rights activist Raman Kisliak, an officer of the crime detection department phoned to his mobile and told him to come to Maskouski district police department of Brest in connection with the criminal case which had been brought on the fact of the blast in Minsk.

The activist answered that he needed some time to call his lawyer. The policeman answered that the lawyer would not be admitted, as it would be just a ‘conversation’.

Nevertheless, Turchaniak came to the police together with his lawyer, who was admitted to the conversation, which lasted for about 50 minutes. Turchaniak was asked where he had been during the blast and who could confirm that he was in Brest, whether he had a car and some friends or relatives in Minsk.

Besides, the police proposed that the activist should give his fingerprints and a DNA sample to the police. The fingerprints were taken, but the activist refused to get photographed and give his DNA.

During the conversation Turchaniak asked why the police questioned him within the frames of the criminal case. They answered that they were questioning psychically ill persons and those who had already received criminal penalties. Meanwhile, Turchaniak belongs to neither of these two groups.