Police detain two activists of United Civil Party

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The activists of the United Civil party Dzmitry Kavalhin and Viktar Piatrouski have been detained for throwing of an address of the democratic forces in the run-up to the parliamentary elections in postboxes. Secret services knew about the rally of the United Civil Party beforehand.

‘A patrol police car was standing near house#8 in Niamiha Street’, Viktar Piatrouski said. ‘A policeman ran up to me and said: ‘What are you handing out here?’ ‘Nothing illegal’, I answered. ‘All the printed materials have imprint'. But I was packed into the car and in a few minutes Kavalhin was put into the car too. While we were on the way to the police department of Tsentralny district, the policemen told that they found us not by chance, but by a ‘hint’. They said that they were waiting for us for about an hour there.’

Soon the leader of the United Civil party Anatol Liabedzka arrived to the police department. He spent much time explaining to the police that it is legal to disseminate printed materials with imprint. Finally, he was told that they had a right to detain people for three hours ‘for identification’.

Major Anatoly Shatyka demanded written explanations from the detainees. A report for seizure of 2 800 copies of the printed materials was drawn up. Kavalhin and Piatrouski were videoed, pictures were taken; they were fingerprinted and then released. The printed materials are likely to be checked for at least 3 months, and may be returned already after the ‘elections’.

How the policemen could learn about the place where the UCP activists would distribute the address of the democratic activists? ‘We discussed it with Anatol Liabedzka in the office of the United Civil Party’, Viktar Pyatrouski said. They say they discussed the fact of the action over the phone, but said nothing about the places.

Thus, the UCP press-service informs, the fact that the headquarters of the party is eavesdropped by secret services.

By the way, Viktar Piatrouski noticed in the Tsentralny police department a man in mufti, probably a KGB man, who was saying somebody to a walkie-talkie: ‘Here are two men with leaflets, it’s our theme’.

‘It means that the regime has launched a preparation to the parliamentary elections with the help of secret services’, the UCP press-service informs.