Hrodna: police pressurize opposition’s delegates to electoral commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 8 July the police paid a visit to the resident of the village of Varniany (Astravets district) Mikalai Ulasevich, who has been nominated as a representative to Iuie district electoral commission #53 by the United Civil Party. The policemen asked him where he was during the blast which had taken place in Minsk, at the celebration of the official Independence Day. Ulasevich was not in Minsk during the tragedy.

Mr. Ulasevich is sure that the only aim of the policemen was to intimidate him and destabilize his work at the upcoming elections. It is really difficult to find any other explanations for their interest in his person, not in the other ones, who are not engaged in the electoral process.

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