KGB searches apartment of Nina Shydlouskaya

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A search is being held in the apartment of one of the leaders of the World Association of Belarusians Backawscyna (Fatherland) Nina Shydlouskaya.

The search started while the owner of the apartment was absent, informs.

During the latest presidential election campaign Nina Shydlouskaya was a press-secretary of the former candidate for presidency, presently a political prisoner Alexander Kazulin.

‘I have been explained that the search is being held according to a decree related to the case opened after blast on 4 July in the night. My husband and I and his parents live in this apartment. The search has been finished already, and now we are waiting for my husband. After that we are to be acquainted with a record and learn what would be seized from the apartment,’ Nina Shydlouskaya said to RFE/RL.

- How have they explained the reasons for the search?

- They said possibly some things or something else directly or indirectly related to the blast could be found.

- Were they interested in you, your husband or his parents?

- My husband’s name, Miraslau Lazouski, is put in the protocol.

- What is your husband?

- He works as a procurement engineer in a commercial firm.

- Did he or his parents have any relation to explosive matters or explosive devices?

- No, never. They didn’t have either. I am sorry, but I am asked to stop talking. Goodbye.