Democratic activist Katsiaryna Manchuk is expelled from Mazyr State University

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The girl was called to talks in the dean’s office and was asked to stop her public activity. But the administration of the university insists the girl had been expelled due to her bad results at the examination period, RFE/RL reports.

Katsiaryna Manchuk is a third-year student of the Technological Faculty of Mazyr State University. She said she had problems with credits and then faced difficulties when having the exams at summer examination period.

‘I think the administration of the university wants me to be expelled. They do everything to hinder me to pass the exams. I faced problems early in the year, when I was detained in Minsk. They began to ask questions, call to pro-vice-chancellors, to the vice-chancellor. I couldn’t pass credits and exams this summer. When I came home from my friends in Lithuania, I learnt I had been expelled. When I came to the dean, he said, ‘No. You are still a student and have your exams now,’ the girl says.

Katsiaryna Manchuk has been detained several times in Minsk and Mazyr during the year. After she was detained at the session of a historical club in the house, where Protestants gather for services, she was called to the deans’ office. Katsiaryna Manchuk explained that nobody else in the city permitted an office for the youth, interested in the history of the country. After that case Katsyaryna Manchuk was called to the dean’s office several times.

The university teachers said ironically to Katsyaryna she would go abroad to study.

‘They asked to answer the examination question, and then said: ‘Maybe you have a dictating machine on you? Maybe you are not going to have an exam today? What did you do before the exam? You probably were busy with public activity, and that’s why you can’t answer the question. Do you need it? You friends have prepared a place for you that you deserve. You did well this year. You shouldn’t be awarded,’ Katsiaryna quotes the teachers.

Dean Uladzimir Kanoplik said the girl had been excluded due to bad preparation for the exams. ‘She didn’t prepare. She failed two exams. I didn’t expect this. She could have passed the exam yesterday. It is her specialisation. She must have passed it. We don’t and can’t press on her.’

In the meantime, about ten activists of the youth democratic movement has been expelled from Belarusian educational establishments, among them Kasia Salauyova, Franak Viachorka, Ivan Shyla and others.