Great changes in election districts of Mahiliou oblast

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The greatest changes concern Krychau and Bykhau election districts. Former Kastsiukovichy election district has been completely divided between two neighboring election districts. Asipovichy election district is a new election district which has been established only this year.

The differences between the largest, Mahiliouska-Leninskaya election district #84 and the smallest, Babruiska-Leninskaya election district #78 are 14.5%.

‘The election district where I intended to run’, said Siarhei Niarouny, the chief editor of the Krychau-based non-state newspaper Volny Horad, ‘has been changed more than 50% in comparison to the last election. Some hardly accessible areas have been included there and the electorate does not now me as well as in Krychau administrative district, for instance. But it does not scare me.’

Bear in mind that 13 deputies from Mahioliou oblast are to be elected to the Chamber of Representatives of the National Assembly. Time will show whether even one of the 28 democratic candidates who intend to run there will be receive a mandate.