Authorities of Vitsebsk are reluctant to register homeless Shchukin

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These days the human rights activist and oppositionist Valery Shchukin has applied to the prosecutor of Vitsebsk oblast for the third time. He again asks to register him as a homeless person. In the answers to the previous complaints the prosecutor answered that registration was impossible and it was necessary to conduct an appropriate check-up. According to Shchukin, by non-registering him as homeless the authorities violate presidential decree #413.

The journalist Valery Shchukin became homeless five years ago, when he was evicted from the hostel where he was living, after some mismatches in the documents were found. Being homeless and having no official registration as such, Shchukin cannot get registered as a candidate to the parliament.

In his complaint Shchukin asks the prosecutor of Vitsebsk oblast to oblige the officials to implement the decree of the head of the state and ‘register the homeless Shchukin in the city of Vitsebsk’, and bring those guilty of non-implementing of the decree to account.

According to earlier information of Telegraph, during the election to local soviets of deputies Shchukin Shchukin even asked to pre-trial prison during the election period, so that he could run at it.