Mazyr: Pavel Nazdra called to military enlistment office

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Young Front activist Pavel left his house at 7.45 pm yesterday. A man in civvies came up to him and handed in a call-up paper. Pavel is to go to the military enlistment office at 9 am today. He is to spend 17 days at military training.

Paval Nazdra told to RFE/RL he hadn’t dealt with the military enlistment office since 1997. He has never been drafted for military training before.

The young man reminded that policemen repeatedly watched him near the house entrance ahead of big opposition mass actions in order to prevent him from coming to the Belarusian capital. He was detained several times and even made to get off train. Pavel thinks 17 days he is to spent at military training will be some kind of isolation, like administrative arrest.

‘I think it has relation to the elections, because the electoral campaign will soon begin. I am the only candidate in the district electoral commission and I will gather signatures as a member of the district electoral commission. The start of the electoral campaign is planned to be announced on 24 or 25 June, then the drive for signatures will begin. The training will be held at this time,’ the democratic activist explains.

Mikola Zhukouski, another activist of the youth democratic movement from Mazyr, received a call to appear in the military enlistment office on Tuesday. Mikola is an off-campus student and has an exam session now. In spite of this, he is to come to the military enlistment office on Wednesday to be sent to military training.