Yury Istomin fined for concert of Polish band

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Yury Istomin, chairman of Hrodna city branch of the United Civil Party, was fined 1 050 000 rubles (about 493 US dollars) for organization of the concert of the Polish band Transkapela in the UCP office on 13 May.

Istomin was summonsed to Hrodna city department of the Ministry of Extraordinary Situations (MES) and asked about the concert of Transkapela. Then he was fined for violation of ‘fire security’. The ministry representatives explained their actions by referring to a paper received from the police.

Mr. Istomin believes that the local authorities try to make MES a punitive organ. Bear in mind that the aforementioned concert of Transkapela was organized with the support of the General Consulate of Poland and was attended by the General Consul.