Hrodna oppositionists harassed for white-red-white flag

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Viktar Sazonau, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Hramada, and Yury Istomin, chairman of Hrodna oblast branch of the United Civil Party, are persecuted by Hrodna police. 7 May the police major Piatro Lenets phoned to them and proposed to come to Leninski district police department of Hrodna for giving some explanations. 

Neither Istomin, nor Sazonau are going to come there without official call-ups. Viktar Sazonau says this ‘invitation’ can be caused by their participation in the concert of the police rock-band Lombard in Hrodna on 2 May. During the concert Istomin and Sazonau were holding a white-red-white flag on the roof of the building adjacent to the place where the concert was taking place.