Prosecutor’s office upholds KGB actions against independent journalists

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Homel oblast KGB office found no law violations in the actions of the persons who had conducted a search in the apartment of the journalist Anatol Hatouchyts, member of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, and took away his instruments of labor. The return of the confiscated items depends on the ‘organ by which the criminal investigation is lead’.  

It was stated in letter #31/4 H-80 of 29 April 2008, received by Hatouchyts to his address to the oblast KGB office. The journalist demanded to return to him the confiscated things: computer, photo camera, books, CDs, etc., and emphasized that these items were his instruments of labor.

Earlier the prosecutor’s office of Minsk in its answer to analogical address of Hatouchyts answered that ‘the issue… will be considered again after the end of the examination of this property’.