KGB continues ‘prophylactic talks’ with students

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Katsiaryna Yurchankova, third-year student of the library college in Mahiliou, was visited by a KGB officer during her studies. He introduced himself as Aliaksandr Miadzvedzeu, counter-intelligence officer. He had a tête-à-tête talk with Katsiaryna at the office of the college administration. The girl was invited there by one of the college teachers. 

‘He asked which organizations I was a member of, which opposition’s actions I had attended and who I knew from Mahiliou oppositionists. He also told me that the US finances the Belarusian opposition who undermine the stability in Belarus and that I should abstain from contacts with them. He also said that he had been watching me for a long time, noticed my leader’s qualities and said they could be developed. One should be a good citizen and collaborate with KGB. I listened to him but answered nothing,’ said Yurchankova. 

The student has participated in a number of educational events held by Belarusian and foreign youth organizations. She considers it as the most probable reason for the visit of the KGB officer.