Political prisoner Parsiukevich transferred to pre-trial prison in Zhodzina

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According to the lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya, 2 May the entrepreneur Siarhei Parsiukevich was transferred to the investigative isolator in Zhodzina (Smaliavichy district).

Stramkouskaya says, the transfer is connected with the repairs of the pre-trial prison in Minsk. According to her, Siarhei feels alright, his relatives managed to pass him all the necessary medicines. Earlier the possibility of placing him to the prison hospital was considered. Now the lawyer says there is no great need in it.

Reference note: former police officer, entrepreneur from Vitsebsk Siarhei Parsiukevich has been sentenced to 2,5 years of imprisonment for having allegedly beaten the prison guard Aliaksandr Dulub, while serving a term of administrative arrest for participation in a peaceful action of protest. The verdict was issued 23 April. Siarhei did not take the blame and appealed against the sentence to Minsk city court 28 Apri. Together with the lawyer Vera Stramkouskaya they pointed at the tendentiousness of the investigation and the court proceedings. In particular, the court did not trust the testimonies of the witnesses of the defense and ignored the contradictions in the testimonies of the accusation’s witnesses.