Baranavichy: Young Front activists get fined

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Yaraslau Hryshchenia, leader of the Baranavichy Young Front branch, activist Artsiom Lastavetski and Ales Pershak, detained ahead of 1 May, had administrative trials in Baranavichy on 2 May.

On 1 May, about 10 Young Front activists were going to Minsk by electric train to mark 1 May, which the oppositional forces declared the Day of Europe. Suddenly 2 policemen and 7 men in civvies entered the railway car. They detained the young people for identity check. Yaraslau Hryshchenia and Artsiom Lastavitski were beaten during the detention. After 6 hours all minor activists were set free, while Yaraslau, Artsiom and Ales were accused of using foul language and left in the detention facility till the trial, the Young Front press service informs.

Finally the young people were fined. Yaraslau Hryshchenia got a fine of 175 000 rubles (about 82 US dollars), Artsiom Lastavitski and Ales Pershak – 105 000 rubles (about 49 dollars). Yaraslau also had a personal conversation during which he was threatened with criminal responsibility for his political activities and advised to leave Baranavichy.

It should be added that some days ago Artsiom Lastavetski was fired for participation in action of solidarity on 16 April.