Hrodna: pupils prohibited to participate in historical scientific conference

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Siarhei Batura and Aliaksandr Liutomski, pupils of Hrodna school #28, and their teacher Aliaksandr Rabkou were prohibited to take part in the historical scientific conference.

The reason is that two years ago the pupils shot a film about protection of the historical center of Hrodna from ruination. The authorities learned about it after presentation of the documentary at school. A thorough check-up was organized, as a result of which the chair of the education department of Hrodna city executive committee Siarhei Blazhei, the school director Ihar Akhmetau and Aliaksandr Rabkou could lose their job.

The report which the pupils presented for the conference was dedicated to the history of the Lutheran protestant community in Hrodna. Their teacher also prepared a substantial report called ‘Patriotic upbringing of children on the example of the museum of the 23rd army.’ However, the authorities still remember the film. That’s why they decided to take revenge on its authors.

At the same time, the documentary is actively distributed in Hrodna. It is even more interesting that the pupils’ parents work in KGB and frontier troops and have also received rebukes for the actions of their children.